We are happy to announce that we will work with the team Wibatech Bavaria and will be headling to the international starting lines in a new formation as a German professional team named Team Santic-Wibatech on UCI continental stage in the coming season.

The team will consist not only of German riders but also of four Polish riders. In addition, there will be six German riders, so ten athletes will show the colours of the team in the European races. The sports directors are the two sponsors Wieslaw Ciasnocha and Otto Peter himself.  

Team Santic-Wibatech

The combination of these two cultures is intended to promote both German-speaking and Polish cycling and bring together different approaches. The goals of the team are to enable young Bavarian and Polish riders to advance to higher levels of professional cycling by means of a first-class racing program and without the pressure of performance, true to the team slogan others have to, we can do.

The aim for next year is to ride for victories on the Continental Level races and develop a team of talented German and Polish riders. In the future, they want to be one of the best Continental Teams in Europe and hope to use the experiences of the previous Polish Continental Team of Wieslaw Ciasnocha and the products of our partners to reach this aim.


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