Santic Honor - Style and Performance

The Santic Honor shoes were a delightful discovery, as we can confirm from the experience. The fit and adjustment system of these shoes is especially appreciated for their natural feel and comfort. With the UD carbon fiber sole, these shoes provide both a high level of fit and performance. The Honor shoes are lightweight at 556 grams, yet sturdy, and boast a clean, simple, and modern style comparable to the most renowned brands. 

Santic Honor Men's Carbon Road Bike Shoes

The shoe’s primary components will be examined, starting with the upper portion. The upper is made of synthetic material and created using laser cutting technology, eliminating the need for seams. On both the inside and outside, numerous holes were made using lasers to provide a snug fit and optimal ventilation, delivering a combination of performance and comfort. Additionally, there are two larger mesh openings at the toe that allow air to flow and promote sweat dissipation.The upper is both soft and shiny and has demonstrated a decent level of wear and scratch resistance, exhibiting only normal signs of wear and tear after a month of cycling. 

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