Santic Darla Speed Suit- Racing day cycling one piece

By The 5, Published Sep 14, 2022

Darla is a high-performance long-sleeved speed suit that’s designed to give you an aerodynamic edge on the road. While it may take a bit more effort to get into than other suits, the snug fit is essential for optimal speed and performance. With advanced materials and construction, Darla provides excellent durability and breathability to keep you comfortable and focused on your ride. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a dedicated enthusiast, Darla is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to maximize their speed and performance on the road. 

Santic Darla Speed Suit

Santic recommends the pad in this cycling suit for rides lasting 1-3 hours, and I concur with their assessment. While I haven’t used it for an extended period, I can attest that it offers ample comfort for a couple of hours of riding. Additionally, the suit’s material is highly stretchable and fits snugly all over my body, ensuring a comfortable and streamlined ride.

“I’d say that Santic Darla is suitable for a special ride or race of some kind where speed is important. “

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