How to Choose the Perfect Kit for a Summer Cycling Challenge?

“Every summer I like to set myself a new challenge to really push myself on my bike , and this year is no different. One evening I was flicking through the pages of Simon Warren’s 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs book, which if you don’t know, is what he has recorded as being the best 100 climbs in the UK. 

“This prompted me to ask myself, how many of these could I tick off in a day? Clearly a challenge of this scale was going to take some finely tuned logistics to ensure that my time on the bike was maximised. ” 

How to choose the perfect kit for a summer cycling challenge

In this Challenge, Same wore our summer kits to perform his cycling well. There are Azuni summer jerseys, Cangjie long-sleeve jerseys, and most important shoes Alpha 2.0 shoes.

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This article’s content is originates from Cycling Weekly.

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