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Santic Community Rules

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Welcome to Santic Cycling Forum! We are committed to providing a friendly, safe and beneficial platform for cycling enthusiasts. Here, you can share your cycling experience, skills and insights. You can also gain experience and advice from other riders. We believe that through this forum, cycling enthusiasts can gain a deeper understanding of cycling culture and make more like-minded friends.

In our cycling forum, we require every user to abide by the following rules:

1.Respect others: We hope that Santic Cycling Forum can be a friendly, respectful and equal community. Therefore, we require every user to abide by basic etiquette and respect the views of others. Defamation, insult, discrimination or any other form of personal attack is prohibited.

2.No inappropriate content: We require users not to post any obscene, pornographic, violent, terrorist, fraudulent or false content, and to refrain from posting content that infringes on the privacy or copyright of others. Administrators have the right to delete any inappropriate content.

3.Protect personal information: We encourage users to share their cycling experience and skills, but we also require users to protect their personal information. Users must not disclose any personal information, including but not limited to phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc.

4.Public sharing: We encourage users to share their cycling experience, skills, knowledge and insights in the cycling forum. However, please note that the content you share may be copied or quoted by other users, so please be cautious when publishing personal information and privacy.

5.No advertising: Posting any commercial advertisements or other forms of promotion is prohibited, but Santic's company promotion or publicity can be made in designated sections.

6.Proper use: Users should use the resources of the cycling forum reasonably. Abusing the functions of the forum, including posts, comments, private messages, etc., is prohibited, and any form of attack or abuse of the forum is also prohibited.

7.Compliance with the law: Users should abide by national laws and local regulations. Posting any content that violates national security, defamation, slander, incitement of ethnic or religious hatred or any other content that violates laws and regulations is prohibited.

8.Administrator rights: Administrators have the right to delete any content that violates the rules of this forum, and also have the right to deal with violators, including but not limited to issuing warnings, banning or blocking accounts, etc.

We hope that Santic Cycling Forum can become a positive community and bring more rewards and happiness to cycling enthusiasts. We believe that as long as every user abides by the above rules, our forum will become better and better!

Posted : 24/04/2023 9:59 am