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How to master techniques for bicycle descending?

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Downhill sections offer riders the opportunity to gain speed without exerting effort. While cyclists spend most of their time pedalling to move forward, descents provide a chance to save time and enjoy the ride. Professional cyclists often employ advanced descending techniques that surpass the abilities of most amateur riders.

1. Anticipate and Plan Ahead
When descending at speeds of up to 62mph, cyclists cover the length of a football field (approximately 300 feet) every 3.3 seconds. With corners, and obstacles like rocks and potholes approaching rapidly, it's crucial to choose your lines early. Ideally, aim to take a wide entry into a corner, cut through the apex, and exit wide. Selecting the correct line on entry is essential for safely navigating the turn and staying on course.

Posted : 04/06/2024 8:05 am
Emily Cooper
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Brake strategically, ahead the corners:

Significant changes in speed should occur on the straight sections leading up to corners, utilizing both brakes to maintain control. While some braking may continue into the turn, it's essential to reduce speed to a safe level before entering the corner.

Advanced riders often employ the technique of braking later, holding speed until closer to the corner, and then applying greater braking force to slow down rapidly.

Posted : 05/06/2024 5:46 am
Rachel Van De Sen
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Not afraid of hurting yourself. Be brave!

Posted : 05/06/2024 6:23 am