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How to master road bike turns?

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Having good cycling cornering skills isn’t always about pushing the limits of traction and physics. It’s about being proficient and confident, and using good judgment.

1. Focus On The Setup
How you enter a turn plays a huge role in the line you’re going to take and the exit you’re going to have. Ideally, set up wide so you can turn in toward the apex of the turn.

2. Focus your weight on the outside foot and inside hand
As you’re going into the corner with your weight on the outside foot and you start to lean the bike, push your inside hand forward and down into the corner. If you need to adjust your line to be tighter, push harder/further with the inside hand.

Posted : 28/05/2024 3:40 am
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3. Use your bodyweight when cornering your road bike

The faster you’re cornering, the further you will have to lean in order to get your centre of gravity lower, to maintain balance and grip. Clearly there are boundaries, as excessive leaning does not help once the tyres can no longer supply enough traction to keep you upright.

4. Inside leg up, outside leg down when cornering your road bike

As well as using your bodyweight in the corner to lean in, the positioning of your feet on the cranks is also very important.

It’s good practice to stop pedalling as you lean the bike over in a turn, keeping the inside pedal up to prevent it striking the ground. So if you’re coming into a left hand bend you should have your left foot up at 12 o'clock and right foot down at 6 o'clock.

Posted : 29/05/2024 7:01 am