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Several key tips for road bike cornering.

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Maintaining momentum through corners is essential to avoid expending excess energy and getting left behind. To improve your cornering skills, consider the following tips:
1, Look ahead through the corner towards your desired path. Your bike follows your gaze, so avoid fixating on the wheel in front or obstacles on the road.
2, Distribute your weight and pressure on your outside foot (pointed downward) and inside arm. The outside foot provides traction, while the inside arm directs the bike's trajectory. To tighten your turn radius, apply more pressure on the inside arm to lean the bike inward.

Posted : 05/05/2024 1:47 am
Emily Cooper
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3, On wet, gravelly, or unstable surfaces, keep the bike more upright. Leaning too much shifts your center of gravity away from the tire contact patches, reducing traction. Maintaining a more upright position helps keep your center of gravity closer to the bike's midline, enhancing stability on low-traction surfaces.

Posted : 06/05/2024 2:49 am
Cycling lover
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4, In a group setting, it's preferable to allow a small gap to form as you enter a corner rather than losing ground on the exit. By carrying more momentum into the turn, you can close the distance without needing a high-power acceleration.

Posted : 06/05/2024 2:58 am